The Ocean Race will leave Alicante in 2021: new boats, owners and tour! 

The Ocean Race will leave Alicante in 2021: new boats, owners and tour! 
10 September, 2018 Orsi Oletics
Volvo Ocean Race Alicante 2021

The Ocean Race will leave Alicante in 2021 – new boats, owners and tour!

Hello, sea lover! We have nautical news for you!

The next The Ocean Race regatta, the most famous sailing round the world, will leave Alicante in the fall of 2021, featuring the owner, boat prototypes and introducing changes to the route and the Race Village.

The objective? Increase the sports and commercial appeal of the most demanding sailing competition! Find out everything here:

In May 2018 it was announced that the car company Volvo Cars and the Volvo group transferred the famous world regatta to the Spanish company Atlant Ocean Racing Spain.

The changes began when the former CEO of The Ocean Race, the British Mark Turner, proposed to incorporate new routes and advance the competition to 2019. As his plans were not approved by the board of directors, he resigned and the command position was taken over by the Norwegian Richard Brisius, along with Johan Salen and Jan Litborn.

Under the tutelage of the new owners, the race was set for 2021-2022. The best thing is that Alicante will continue to be the starting port and headquarters of the first In-Port race!

Learn about the changes that the The Ocean Race will incorporate.

New ships. The 2021-22 edition will have two classes of boats, the IMOCA 60 monohull and the VO65 that was used in the last two editions.

Both boats will be at the forefront of technology and will have distinctive features that will make the race more exciting for designers, competitors and fans. This fall we will know the number of participants in each class.

New rules and cities. Crews will compete in boats within their own classes, two trophies will be awarded and teams will be allowed to enter each class. In addition, new cities will be added for ports of call, which will be between 8 and 10.

More preparation time. As there is a long time to 2021, a long period of activation and preparation will soon open so that future teams have the opportunity to elaborate an extensive training program.

Full participation. New attractions will be created in the Race Villages of the host cities to increase the enthusiasm and participation of fans in nautical activities. The Race Villages of the latest The Ocean Race brought together over 2.5 million fans around the world!

Do you want to join the emotions of The Ocean Race in Alicante?

Remember that you can rent a boat to see the in-Port race up close and accompany the sailors’ departure. You also have the possibility to organize an event at sea and rent a sailboat, a motorboat or a catamaran to get closer to the nautical action. Even if you prefer to participate in outings per square, you can book through Enjoy Mediterranean.

Dare to stay in Alicante and write down the date of the autumn of 2021 to book a holiday accommodation and experience the excitement and attractions of the Race Village up close.

Keep an eye on our updates on The Ocean Race so you can enjoy every minute of this unrivaled competitive event!

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Teresa De Vincenzo

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