How to scatter ashes into the sea. Say goodbye to your loved one by boat legally and ecologically

How to scatter ashes into the sea. Say goodbye to your loved one by boat legally and ecologically

Do you want to say goodbye to a loved one and scatter their ashes into the sea? This ritual, which often responds to the deceased’s last will, must be performed in Spain following strict legal and ecological regulations.

If you want to prepare that moment in a special way, avoid fines, and preserve the delicate marine balance, we recommend you follow these tips on how to throw ashes into the sea from a rental boat.

Incinerating the dead and throwing their ashes into the Mediterranean Sea is a tradition that dates back to ancient times, but is currently regulated in each Autonomous Community. Do you want to avoid penalties that can exceed 10,000 euros? Before getting on board, find out the best way to do it:

Scatter ash to the sea legally

It is possible to celebrate an unforgettable funeral at sea. The first thing to keep in mind is that isn’t allowed to do so without authorization. It is also forbidden to spread the ashes of a deceased person anywhere in the ocean.

The law establishes that the date of the act must be communicated and requested permission from the corresponding maritime authority. You also have to keep in mind that the minimum distance to throw the ashes is three miles from the coast.

Biodegradable urn

The second important consideration has to do with the urn. You cannot pour it into any container. The law allows the ashes to be deposited in the sea in biodegradable and ecological urns, which once submerged decompose into their natural elements (salt, sand, cereals, or organic vegetables) without altering the fragile maritime ecosystem.

The petals of natural flowers can accompany the act and be thrown into the waters. However, you should avoid throwing floral wreaths, stems, or toxic substances that would affect beaches and marine reserves.

All these provisions follow from the provisions of the International Convention to prevent pollution by Ships or MARPOL 73/78, which includes regulations to regulate the discharge of pollutants into the sea.

Turn the goodbye moment into a near and unforgettable ceremony

Although the entire event revolves around the moment of the ashes spill into the sea, it is possible to prepare a more elaborate, intimate, and respectful ceremony, according to the wishes of the relatives.

To choose the date and time (always in daylight), the weather conditions will be taken into account. If the weather does not accompany, the event must be postponed.

Boat trips to spread ashes can be made on different rental boats, depending on the number of people who wish to attend: yacht, schooner, or catamaran. These are boats with skipper, equipped and that have different spaces to organize the event.

As a complement to the occasion of scattering ashes into the sea, it is possible to request the services of floral decoration of the boat, catering preparation, incorporation of a master of ceremonies, or musical accompaniment. Customizing the moment will be done according to the taste of family members, in an atmosphere of support and emotion.

Once the ceremony is finished, a nautical chart is given to the bereaved with the location of the chosen site. This way they will be able to sail there again if they wish.

Do you want to realize the desire to say goodbye to a loved one on the immense and peaceful sea?

If you need the service of ashes at sea in Benidorm, Alicante, Caid, Chiclana or Chipiona, even in Barcelona, ask us any questions here. It will soon be available also in Granada, Motril, and Murcia. Understanding that the circumstance is of affliction, we will be happy to help you.

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