Do you want to sail in the Canary Islands?


Do you know the place of Spain that possess everything for the sea lovers? A place where you can sail, practise nautical activities and find holiday lodging during 365 day of the year?

I’ll give you a clue:  It is not one place, there are 7. This is the Canary Islands, the archipelago known as the Europe’s Caribbean, that groups El Hierro, La Palma, La Gomera, Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote, also called the diamonds of the Atlantic.

Just between January and June this year, Canary Islands received 5 million tourists. Do you want to know why is it a very quoted destination? There are lot of reasons, but if you want to sail at the Islands Canary Islands these are the reasons that motivate the lovers of nautical:

For its winds.
Humid and fresh, the trade winds make of the Canary Islands an ideal destination for sailing. Dominant wind currents blow with a regular around speed of 20 km/h, and it invites ypu to practice of windsurfing and kitesurfing and give the sportsmen many hours of adrenaline on the tables. The winds also refresh the temperatures in the summer months, due to the proximity of the coast of Africa become dry and warm blasts to balance the enjoyment. The air combination and stable marine currents is a temptation to rent a sailboat, with or without skipper.

Do you want more adventure? The trade winds favor the crossing of the Atlantic Ocean by sailingboat, a two-week experience that is worth living once in life.

Its beaches and coves of dream.
White and fine sand. Rocky. Volcanic sand. The variety of beaches is broad, and the temperature of these turquoise seas is stable during almost whole year. If you want more action, a part of sunbathing, in the Canary Islands there are nautical charters for all pockets and a range of possibilities for enjoyment through the coasts: You can take pictures and stay enthralled of spectacular landscape; you might find whales and dolphins in the navigation routhe; You can anchor and snuggle up under the starry night; you will meet villages of fishermen who will offer you a welcome from marine flavors and by diving your eyes and the spirit will fill up with cmagical olors. What a pleasure!

For its climate.
The climate in the Canary Islands is the best: more than 4000 hours of sunshine per year. Yes, you have read well: more than 4000! With average temperatures between 18 and 25 degrees centigrade from January to December, the place becomes a paradise for sunbathing, practicing nautical activities in group and receive training in nautical. These are drier and more sunny days.  Constant spring of the Canary Islands is also ideal for holiday accommodation, if you prefer a more quiet and family plan.

If you want to make a crossing from the peninsula to the archipelago, Disfruta Mediterráneo  plans to prepare one very soon. Subscribe to our newsletter to be informed about the details!

Teresa De Vincenzo

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