Nautical Activities in Alicante and Ibiza



Are You bored of sunbathing lying in the sand?

Nautical activities in Alicante or water sports in Ibiza is the best way to do something different during the summer. The long days, the calm sea and the Mediterranean invite you to enjoy the season but  hit of adrenaline!

Ready for emotions?

Shake off the sand and take a look at these three forms of fun and release all your energy on the sea and enjoy the summer in Alicante and the summer in Ibiza:


Flyboard. It is the nautical activity of fashion in Alicante: Literally allowed to fly on the water, gain height (up to 12 meters, although rental is only allowed up to 4 m), Do aerobatics in the air and of course, immerse yourself in the sea, over and over again. How does it work? The Flyboard connects with the boat through a hose. Once running, the enige generates a jet propulsion that leverages the Flyboard to rise. It is easy to use, but takes a few minutes to get used to boots and achieve balance. Forget the license! Only you have to wear a helmet, life jacket and meet listen the safety instructions of the instructor. An unforgettable experience!

Jet surf in Ibiza

Jet surf. Simple but amazing! It is a surf board with engine! Designed to reach up to 57 km/h, a Jet-surf is made of carbon fiber and it is equipped with an electronic control on and off (it’s in your hand) to move in the water with total freedom. You can run waves, tie it up to a motorboat or go standing or lying about it. You don’t need wind or waves, only desire to squander adrenaline! You can rent a Jet-Surf in Ibiza and spend more than two hours in the water, thanks to its high performance battery. What a feeling!

Banana boat in Alicante

Inflatable. There is also entertainment in the water for the more “lazy”: the inflatables. It’s boats slide shaped donuts or banana (banana boat) that are tied up to the boat with a rope and dragged by the sea. Leisure and fun guaranteed! You can rent a small motor with inflatable to game or hire the activity. There are inflatable in Alicante of different sizes, for one or more places and the only requisite that you need is to be able to swim. Get ready to rise and fall to the sea again and again!

If you look for emotions on the water, no more excuses!

Teresa De Vincenzo

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