The best advices to sail for pregnant women

The best advises to sail for pregnant women

The ideal season is the summer to rent a boat and go sailing. However, if you are pregnant it is wise to take some precautions to make the trip pleasant from beginning to end.

Sailing shouldn’t be a problems for the mother or the baby, though, we give you several advises for sailing to be pregnant. Follow them and you will feel safer when you rent a boat and go out to enjoy the sea!


In the moment of renting the boat or making the reservation, notify your pregnancy status and what week you are in. It’s convenient that the charter company and the boat owner know that there will be a pregnant woman on board.

Each case is very particular, but in general, it’s recommended to sail in mid-pregnancy, between week 14 and 28, in order to prevent the most common discomforts associated with navigation: nausea, dizziness and extreme tiredness, which can intensify at sea.

Small boats move more over the waves, which can increase the discomfort of the pregnant mother. On the other hand, schooners and catamarans, being larger, offer more stability. Consider renting a boat that offers you that comfort.

Before leaving, check the weather forecasts. It is the best way to enjoy the day the best way. You won’t want to sail in adverse conditions or in bad weather.

Once on board, take the precautions of rigor: wear non-slip footwear, take care of the tread when getting on and off the boat, drink water to keep the body hydrated, apply sunscreen, wear appropriate nautical clothing to go sailing and use the Lifeguard in case of bad weather.

Your obstetrician-gynecologist has the last word: check with him before you book or schedule a boat trip.

Finally, remember that when you are pregnant, you are responsible for your health and baby’s and if you think you might feel unwell on board, it’s preferable to postpone the trip. Being aware of how you feel is the best guide to board the ship.

Now that you have all information for sailing being pregnant, check our availability to rent a boat in the Mediterranean. We help you find the most suitable for your needs and those of your family!

Spanish text writer:
Teresa De Vincenzo

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